Truck Driving Course (Heavy Vehicle)

Classes 1 & 3 Truck Driver Training Programs (Basic Training—Getting a License) 

Theoretical Training:
  • Highway Safety Code
  • Log Book (Including new rulings)
  • Dangerous Substances Hauling
  • Air Brakes Inspection
  • Engines, Transmissions and Compression-Braking
  • Pre Trip Inspection
  • Quebec Road Signs & Signals
  • SAAQ Knowledge Test Preparation (Excluding SAAQ test fees)
Practical Training:
  • Inspection
  • Pre Trip Inspection
  • Coupling and Uncoupling a Trailer (Class 1 only)
  • Using a Compressed Air Braking System
  • Precision Backing (Reversing)
  • Gradual Gear Shifting
  • Energy Saving
  • City and Country, Driving Driving on Hills
  • Getting Ready for the SAAQ Road Test (Test Vehicle Rental included but SAAQ Test Fees excluded)
Documents issued at the end of the Course:
  • TECNIC Certificate
  • Income Tax Receipt