How to react in the presence of motorcycles on the road?

4 tips for driving safely in the presence of motorcycles 

Have you ever found yourself driving near a group of motorcycles and not being exactly sure of what to do? What about at an intersection, do you give all of them the right-of-way? And if you need to change lanes, will the motorcycle riders leave you enough room to do so?
Here are 4 tips to ensure your own safety as well as that of any nearby motorcycle riders:
  1. When motorcycles are on the road, you should consider the entire group as constituting a single unit.
    In fact, you’ve probably noticed that they don't follow one another in a single file; rather, some are a bit to the right, others more to the left. The resulting zig-zag formation is why we recommend that you consider the entire group as constituting a single unit. If you need to change lanes, get in front of the whole group or wait a bit, then get behind them.
  2. Don’t ever get in a motorcycle’s path!
    Sure, it may be tempting to do so, especially since they only take up a small portion of their lane. Never give in to the temptation! The motorcycle rider, whether he be alone or in a group, needs to be able to count on the entire width of his lane, either to avoid potholes or debris strewn on the road.
  3. And what about mopeds?
    A group of mopeds should also ride in a zig-zag pattern, like motorcycle riders do. The same rule about getting in their path or in their lane applies. Even if it’s only to pass them. Leave them their entire lane, as you would if they were driving a motor vehicle. And yes, mopeds can be bothersome or constitute an “obstacle” when you’re in a 70- or 90-km per hour zone, but this is no reason to endanger the lives of their drivers.
  4. Three-wheeled motorcycles.
    Because of their width, which can be compared to that of a small vehicle, three-wheeled motorcycles are legally required to drive in the middle of their lane, like other automobiles. Here again, common sense should prevail, meaning you would do well to not nudge in and attempt to insert yourself in a group of three-wheeled motorcycles, even if they’re travelling in a single file.
Bottom line, when near any type of motorcycle or moped, stay a respectful distance away and be a courteous driver - the road is meant to be shared!
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