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I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard a variation of: “A motorcycle is like a bicycle - once you’ve learned how to ride one, it’s not something you forget.”

​To be honest, there is some truth in these types of comments...

But... despite remembering the basics, an accident can still happen in a split second. Ever witness a motorcyle rider losing his balance while making a tight turn in front of a packed terrace on a beautiful summer day? Not only is a situation like this embarassing, but it can be downright dangerous. Most cases of motorcycles toppling over happen at low speeds, and usually only involve material damages (in other words, no physical injuries except for the occasional bruised ego). Why not decrease the risk of such a fall by taking a refresher course?

“I’m just now learning to ride a motorcycle.”

Excellent! As part of your regular motorcycle driving courses, you will learn the basic maneuvers. While this will be enough for some people, others prefer an ‘extra’ motorcycle driving course to continue perfecting their skills. This additional training is often what makes a difference when a student takes his exam.

“I’m scheduled to take my road test this year.”

So this means you completed your classroom learning nearly a year ago; a refresher course on elements featured in the SAAQ exam might be just the thing you need! To follow this course, you can use your own motorcycle or one from the school.

“I rode a motorcycle 25 years ago...”

Not unlike what happened with automobiles, the technology behind motorcycles has changed a lot since then. Motorcycle riding techniques, moreover, have also improved. So why not upgrade your knowledge and skills? And while you’re at it, you may want to do so on a motorcycle from the school rather than your own brand-new one! Click here to rent a motorcycle!

“I’ve been riding a motorcycle for years.”

So you’re super at ease on your motorcycle most of the time, but what if you need to brake quickly (think emergency) while navigating a curve in the road? Make a sharp U-turn because the road is blocked? Or start up your motorcycle on a steep slope? These are all cases that you might want to explore with an expert teacher rather than find yourself facing them for the first time while on the road.

In short, a refresher motorcycle course is always a good thing! Whether it’s to make sure you pass your driving exam on the first try, or to improve your skills, it will definitely make you a better driver! Find out more by contacting the nearest Technic driving school!

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