Why take a flying lesson?​

Since June 1, 2019, Transport Canada has regulated the use of drones. It applies to all users wanting to fly devices over 250 grams for pleasure, work or research. Because drones are considered aircrafts, you need to know and understand the rules to follow in order to be safe and respect all aircrafts that are in the same airspace as you.

Tecnic Driving Schools are proud to partner* with KoptR Image to offer one-on-one training for both leisure and work.

KoptR’s drone experts will provide you with the industry's most comprehensive training. It is through this training that you will have the best chance of passing the mandatory Transport Canada exam.

Training programs offered:

Advanced drone pilot course
Duration: 32 hours
Price: $995 + taxes

In Canada, Transports Canada manages everything in the airspace. As soon as you fly a drone that weighs more than 250 grams, you must comply with several rules. You should take a course to learn about the rules and how to use your drone safely.

The drone course is divided into 7 theoretical modules of 4 hours, followed by a one hour multiple choice exam. You must obtain a minimum of 35 correct answers out of 50 questions (70%) in order to pass the course and obtain a certificate. In case of failure, it is possible to take another exam without additional cost. If you want to use your drone recreationaly, your choice ends here.

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Flight Day       
Duration: 1 day         
Price: $500 + taxes

A must for beginners, a complement for experienced pilots. The flight day will allow you to practice your pilot abilities. This day may include but is not limited to:
  • the revision of the methodology of a professional operation;
  • the practice of specific driving exercises;
  • revision of emergency procedures;
  • the simulation of an operation that you will have to lead soon;
  • initiation to night flight;
  • the use of a new camera;
  • the opportunity to take time to further explore the features of DJI GO applications;
  • or automatic modes of your drone.
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Photogrammetry course       
Duration: 12 hours         
Price: $750 + taxes

The Photogrammetry course will allow you to do aerial mapping, orthomosaic, 3D models, stock pile and areas measure, point clouds and more. You will be able to improve your services to be more competitive using the drone that is less expensive.

Our training is over a period of 12 hours. You will learn how Photogrammetry works, what is the best setting to use depending on the type of operation you have to perform. You will learn how Photogrammetry works, capture settings, plan operation, photo analysis, and of course safety at the operation site.

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Aerial photo and video course       
Duration: 12 hours         
Price: $750 + taxes

The arrival of the drones has allowed professional and amateur photographers to access a brand new shooting practically inaccessible before: the ground seen as the crow flies.

Our training will give you the basics that will then allow you to discover your own style of production. The 12-hour training is divided into 3 blocks of 4 hours. You will learn to use the camera of your drone in various fields of application, to manage the elements of a production, the shots and tricks of the trade and many more.

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