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Having a driver’s license is also a passport to freedom! Below are suggestions for one-day road trips designed to let you explore “la belle province”. 

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Driving while under the influence is about more than just alcohol!

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Summer road trip, is your car ready?

Below are four simple verifications to prevent problems down the road...

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Look in your mirrors while driving, so you will always be aware of the others sharing the road with you.

This blog discusses 3 rules for safely sharing the road with pedestrians and cyclists.

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 Checking the condition of the tires on your vehicle.

3 easy ways to check the condition of your tires

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Cours de perfectionnement motocyclette chez Tecnic.

Je ne compte plus le nombre de fois où j’ai entendu :
«La moto c’est comme le vélo, ça ne se perd jamais» – et c’est en partie vrai.

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 Share the road with the school bus. It's for the safety of our children.

It may seem odd to address the topic of school buses in the middle of winter, but the subject is one that’s always worth talking about! 

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 Pedestrians and cyclists, here's how to stay safe and visible if you use the roads in winter.

Pedestrians and cyclists often struggle to stay visible during winter.

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 You like to drive at night. Be safe. Learn how here.

Night driving presents a lot of challenges for both beginners and experienced drivers.

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To drive, you must have a driving license. See the consequences here, if you do not respect this.

It can be tempting to drive without a license, especially when you do not know the consequences...

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